About Us

Uganda National Association of Private Hospitals (UNAPH) is a membership national organization representing PrivateHospitals and Private Clinics in Uganda. UNAPH was founded and registered in 2006. The main aim of UNAPH is to represent, promote and protect the interests of private hospitals and private clinics, their owners and operators, and to interact with members, to ensure private hospital sector continues to be dynamic in meeting the changing needs of Ugandans and protect the interests and rights of Private health consumers. UNAPH plans to initiate, foster and maintain a consultative, co-operative and communicative approach to dealing with Government, health organizations, media, community groups and the public. UNAPH also plans to be a self-regulatory trade association striving to improve the Private Hospital Sector through collaboration with the Government. We encourage commitment to quality services, ethical conduct and better healthcare standards in the Private Hospital Sector. The majority of diseases in Uganda are initially treated in private hospitals and private Clinics. For most diseases big hospitals are limited and sparsely distributed. Prevention and treatment is therefore cannot be substantially scaled up without considering how best to make use of private hospitals and Clinics. Private Clinics are popular because they are often cheap, as partial doses are sold; they are accessible; there is improved interaction between consumers and providers; they harmonize the Demand and Supply forces in the Private Sector. Therefore, consumers are usually unable to assess the technical quality of services, with the result that they place more weight on aspects of perceived quality, such as the interpersonal skills of providers, and the comfort of the environment in which treatment occurs both of which may be unrelated to technical competences. Relatively few approaches to supporting advocacy for consumers in their use of the private health services have been used to improve consumer information and awareness and creation of an institution is inevitable to give consumers enough authority to challenge care of poor quality services. Consumers often lack institutional structure to seek redress when they have victims of medical malpractices or negligence in the Private Hospital Sector. The dominance of Private Health Provision in Uganda’s Health System in Uganda makes it vital to consider implementing appropriate strategies.