National Hospital Week, 2022

Uganda National Association of Private Hospitals (UNAPH)
National Hospital Week, 2022

Uganda National Association of Private Hospitals (UNAPH) intends to observe the second week of August, 2022 as a National Hospital Week. The National Hospital Week is planned to shine a spotlight on our many hospitals, health systems, and health care workers who strive to save lives daily.

Hospitals find innovative ways to support the needs of patients and communities; During National Hospital Week, we recognize the many hospitals, healthcare systems, health workers and networks who provide care to their community.Our caregivers have taken on unimaginable challenges and we think it is essential that others see these challenges from their perspective.z

Hospital staff work some of the most demanding jobs that are physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging – and it takes its toll on all medical staff. That’s why it is especially fitting that we have to celebrate the National Hospital Week every year to take care of the people who spend their careers taking care of us.It’s time to start planning events to celebrate and show appreciation for hospitals and hospital staff.

  • National Hospital WeekAugust7 – 13, 2022

Recognition and appreciation are key to promoting employee engagement; and studies have shown that engagement leads to better patient care.

Various types of events will be respectively organized where others will plan to make this a special week of appreciation. The more elaborate the better, but if a grand celebration is not in your organization’s budget, never fear – modest but thoughtful moments and gestures also go a long way.

Examples of Healthcare Employee Appreciation Ideas

We suggest showing appreciation every day, culminating with something big on the last day of the week.

1. Souvenir Giveaways

Show appreciation to your nurses and hospital staff with souvenir giveaways. These items could include t-shirts, scrubs, or personalized coffee mugs. The sky’s the limit with this one, so be creative! 

2. Special Events

Host special events, such as luncheons or breakfasts to recognize employees, a formal awards presentations, or fun receptions with music and snacks at a hospital facilty.

3. Activities

Make your employees feel relaxed by organizing an aerobics class or hiring a massage therapist to do chair massages or foot massages. You can also host a game day in the break room. Again, get creative and make it fun at hospital facility.

4. You Can’t Go Wrong With Food

Chocolates, cupcakes, or better yet – healthy snacks like organic snacks, fruit or veggie trays are a great way to show appreciation.

5. Personalized Employee Recognition

Send your staff a special note from leadership or management throughout the week. A note can be very meaningful, especially when done publicly. The key of  the National Hospital Week is to celebrate the contributions of your employees and make them feel especially appreciated on every day of their special week. But don’t forget, people like to be appreciated throughout the year. In fact, recognition and appreciation are most effective in driving engagement when it is done sincerely, frequently and consistently. It doesn’t always have to be on a grand scale – a simple thank you note or other small gestures from a manager or from leadership can make a big impression.

6. Healthcare Heroes

Memorize and Recognize Healthcare Heroes who have died during line of Duty.

7. Birth Place Hospital Recognition

Encourage citizens to Recognize, Visit, Donate, Honour and Celebrate their respective birth place hospitals and family hospitals. Hospitals will be encouraged to put donation boxes on their entrances, special tents, declare donation bank accounts and mobile money telephone numbers.

8. National Hospital Week Prayer

Hospitals are the places where the sick and wounded are cared for and are uniquely sacred spaces. Hospitals are spaces that see new life come into the world. Hospitals hold tears and joy, hope and despair and therefore we have to celebrate the National Hospital Week and remember that the Lord is always with us and most especially with the poor, sick and suffering.